SEO companies of all sizes struggle with essentially the same problems. These problems affect either the product (effectiveness of the SEO campaigns) or the client’s level of service.

SEO agencies have devolved into call centers.
SEO agencies have devolved into call centers.

The Place of Account Managers in SEO Agencies

Almost all agencies follow a similar formula of hiring “account managers” that interface daily with the client but actually do very little of the SEO work. They pass information between the operations end of the agency (actual SEO’s pulling the levers) and the customer. The goal of the “account manager” is to keep the customer around and possibly get them to buy more. Many account managers have multiple clients and they churn out similar information/reports to each of their clients. At PDM, we don’t have account managers and we’ll get to the reason why later.

Difficulty in Scaling SEO as a Process

SEO is essentially exploiting an algorithm to get better results. We’re manipulating a computer so it seems logical that the process is repeatable and formulaic. This is true to some degree but the execution is crucial in how results are achieved. The majority of SEO agencies provide a “link list” and/or a list of citations in which the SEO goes through and does every day. They’ll also suggest “content” which is usually an outsourced or flaccid piece of writing with an image and two links. It isn’t compelling and is only there for the sake of content and fitting into Google’s formula.

Scale is the enemy of effectiveness in SEO and we at Page Digital Marketing are aware of a threshold in which the quality of work/effectiveness diminishes. Most other SEO agencies have the goal of getting the most amount of clients possible. The goal is profit and money and not quality work. PDM recognized the folly of chasing profit and the most clients possible. For SEO, we are very selective on the clients we take on board. We work closely with our clients. We are transparent in what we are doing on a day to day basis and we work to hone the expertise of the client and communicate that expertise online.

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