Has the switch to green text ads in Google affected CTR?

If you follow the SEO/PPC space closely you might have noticed some changes in the way Google displayed ads with a change to green font. It was mentioned here on Seach Engine Watch back in April. It was made permanent and official by Google on June 15th, 2016. So, what does this mean for your PPC and SEO campaigns?

Note the green "Ad" in the PPC box for the search term, "Austin City Limits Tickets".
Note the green “Ad” in the PPC box for the search term, “Austin City Limits Tickets”.

Some people are seeing dramatically higher click through rates (over one percent higher) from the SERP’s which is great for PPC campaigns and Google… because ultimately, it means more revenue for Google. Conversely, its logical to think that SEO is taking a hit to click through rates. If SEO isn’t taking a hit then most likely the lower ranking PPC ads are losing CTR. Either scenario isn’t ideal unless you’re the one doling out the cash to rank #1 in PPC.

From some of our tests, our clients have seen negligible click through rate increases to slightly higher increases. It will most likely depend on the niche as to how high the click through rate increase is.

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