Amazon is by many numbers, a bigger buying platform than anything online even Google. Business owners often neglect the potential of Amazon or they half-heatedly list a product without promotion. We have taken clients from 1 or 2 sales per day to multiple million dollars in revenue per month. No matter where you are on Amazon, we can find a way to improve performance.

amazon-seo-consulting-servicesAbout Our Amazon SEO Expertise

Sam Page, the lead on Amazon SEO efforts, started his experience in 2006 as a content publisher. He began working to reverse engineer the ranking algorithm and had success doing so. Sam began working on sourcing and selling physical products online with an emphasis on Amazon as a platform. He quickly got products to generating one million dollars per year. Sam still sells his own products on Amazon and finds it to be helpful for consulting on client work. He is actively engaged in understanding Amazon’s ranking algorithm and how it is evolving.

Amazon PPC – Ads

amazon-ppc-product-adsAmazon’s ranking algorithm relies heavily on sales and conversion rates. Sales can be generated with Pay Per Click ads on Amazon which then affects organic rankings. We at Page Digital Marketing will help you create targeted ads using the latest tactics and technology. We are experts at  understanding keyword performance, bidding strategy, and making sure we create a campaign that generates the maximum amount of rankings and ultimately revenue.

We work with Vendor Central and Seller Central clients. Amazon Sponsored Products is different between Vendor and Seller Central which means we tailor a strategy specific to your platform.

Launching New Products On Amazon

We at PDM are experts at launching new products on Amazon. Our staff works to provide the most efficient avenue to success on Amazon. We start with competitor analysis and keyword research. That insight leads us into assessing how difficult or easy it is to rank and compete in that niche. We also have access to a large amount of product reviewers who will purchase your product and leave an honest review. We also create a Sponsored Product campaign (PPC) to help generate new sales and honest reviews. Beyond that, we build links to your product URL’s to get top rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We aim to dominate your niche by providing the most comprehensive launch campaign.

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